2019-2020 Legend Band Booster Board Officers
Band Director and Performing Arts Department Chair - Orlando Otis
Band Booster President - Lynelle Duncan
Band Booster Vice President - Patsy Stewart
Band Booster Treasurer - Carol Brown
Band Booster Assistant Treasurer - Kari Ferguson
Band Booster Secretary - Charlie Kirschbaum

2019-2020 Legend Band Booster Key Personnel
Band Booster Fundraising Chair - Janel Neuenschwander
Band Booster Large Events Chair - Anne Butterworth
Band Booster Restaurant Night Coordinator - Jenny Mowery
Band Booster Bingo/Raffle Event Managers - Kevin & Kellie Keeling

2019-2020 Legend High School Contact Information
Legend HS Assistant Principal/Activities Director - Staci Batterson
Legend HS Secretary to Staci Batterson - Jan Graham
Legend HS Performing Arts Assistant - Jen Hasty
Legend HS Volunteer Coordinator - Tamera Krause
Legend HS Building Services, Custodial and Maintenance - Jimmy Hancock

Legend Titan Band Program Philosophy
The philosophy of the Band program at Legend High School in Parker, Colorado is to empower students, through positive music experiences, which will allow them to be effective contributors to our society. This is done through creative thinking, team work, communication, problem solving and a clear understanding of the diverse world we live in through preparation, performance and appreciation of great music literature!